Do What You Love, Love What You Do

If a song you hate comes on the radio, are you going to sing it loud and proud? Odds are, you won’t. Unless you’re trying to annoy the driver; in which case, come on man.

A trait that probably comes naturally to most inter-disciplinarians is a natural love of learning. These are people who aren’t satisfied with one field; they crave more knowledge. They are “intensely interested in the world,” (Repko 55). They are not “prisoners of bias,” seeking depth and even ideas that counter their own. Without this fervor, people couldn’t blend disciplines with as much ease. The natural interest people contain fuels the passion and amalgamation of fields. Outdoor educators couldn’t do their students any justice if they just kind of liked ecology and sort of liked experiential education. They need to be able to demonstrate their enthusiasm sans effort!

I may not be entirely sure about what I want to do with my career, but I do know that I’m very passionate about the disciplines I’m combining. I love learning about teaching, and I love nature, and being able to combine the two would be a real treasure.


Here’s a photo I took of Arethusa Falls. The water spilling over the rocks demonstrates the blending of water into one stream that falls passionately over the jagged rocks. This seamless blending of natural elements is symbolic of the love and enthusiasm people have when blending disciplines.

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