Success at the Crossroads of Climate Change and Campaigning

The Climate Reality Project was founded by Al Gore in 2006 shortly after the premiere of the film “An Inconvenient Truth” stirred minds a plenty (Climate Reality). It’s a nonprofit organization working towards catalyzing a “global solution to the climate crisis by making urgent action a necessity across every level of society,” (Climate Reality). Essentially, by spreading the word about the severity of climate change and its looming effects, we can make a difference in policy by persuading leaders to take action.

I’m an intern for the organization, and I’ve noticed that I’ve had to perform many tasks that fall under a variety of disciplines, all of which “transcend by means of integration,” (Repko 32). Behind my small amount of work lies my boss, Vasiliy, whose “love of learning,” (an important trait as suggested by Repko), fuels his motivation for this cause. He, like all members of this organization, is a “cultural leader, marketer, organizer, scientist, [and] storyteller,” (Climate Reality). And he wears all these hats at ones. His work isn’t multidisciplinary, but inter, and he blends these roles cleanly. He lobbies, phonebanks, updates me on news in science, organizes events, and presents the impending doom of climate change in a way that’s creative and appealing.

This organization has experienced monumental success at the last UN Climate Summit in Paris, as well as at hundreds of college campuses around the nation. People are finally starting to listen, since their campaign appeals in so many ways to so many people.

You can learn more about this company’s mission here.

My goal with interdisciplinary studies is to be an Outdoor Environmental Educator. This requires knowing a great deal about Earth and its Ecology, and also being able to persuade kids through their appreciation of the land to take action to protect it. Learning from Vasiliy at the Climate Reality Project has been so helpful with this. Every time he shares news, he uses dramatic and engaging techniques that aren’t preach-y, and they make me want to take a stand on my own. Knowing how to storytell, market issues and stay factual scientifically surely demands the use of interdisciplinary knowledge, and I’m happy to have learned from one of the best success stories out there!

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 10.44.00 PM.png

Here’s Al Gore and a bunch of Climate Reality Staff smiling about their contributions to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions!



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One thought on “Success at the Crossroads of Climate Change and Campaigning

  1. Love your mention of storytelling, marketing, and science all coming together in your work! I didn’t know you were involved here– a pleasure to read about it!


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